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Top Mistakes To Avoid While Growing Cannabis

2 years ago

Are you going to grow cannabis for the first time? Or it might be that you are even more experienced but are still keeping to encounter issues that are associated with growing? Let us assist you! You are required to check the points that are mentioned below before you go to put seeds in the soil.

Once you have learned all these biggest mistakes which you should avoid while growing cannabis, you would become more than ready for growing healthy and successful plants.

Don’t know what you are growing


It happens most of the time that someone hands you a bag of seeds of some of the great varieties of weeds for you to grow. You would become happy because you have saved some cash on seeds. The problem is that you are not aware that what type of cannabis seeds are there, whether it is an Indica, Sativa, auto-flowers, etc.

The thing is that the weed is not just the weed. There is a huge difference in growing characteristics among different cannabis seeds. An Indica autoflower will definitely behave differently than a picky photoperiod Sativa. Some strains might not be suitable for you to grow in a colder climate.

While on the other hand, others might have the requirement of a hot, sunny environment. Some of the strains might have the requirement of a huge number of nutrients. While others have the requirement of only light feeding. You just get the idea.

In short, it is very crucial for you to know that what actually you are growing. When you would get your seeds from a reliable source such as ILGM, you would have peace in your mind about what it is actually that you are about to grow.

You would become informed on the expected flowering period of your strain, yields, nutritional requirements, and other important information. It is essential for you if you are desired to grow successfully!

Not Making Use Of Proper Pots

Making the use of the right containers for your weed might not seem like a big deal. But you would be surprised at just how essential this variable is. Given below are some factors which you should take into consideration:

  • The Right Size

If your pot is too much small, then the growth of your roots, along with the growth of your whole plant will be restricted. If your pot is too much big, it enhances the likelihood of fungus, overwatering, and root rot.

Recommended sizes of pot:

marijuana pots
  • 0–3 weeks: root cube
  • 2–6 weeks: 10cm pot
  • 6–8 weeks: 10l
  • Autoflowers: 12l
  • 2–3 months: 14l
  • 3–8 months: 22l
  • 8–16 months: 45l
  • Good Drainage

Your planting pots are having the requirement of serving good drainage. Basically, there will already be holes in the bottom. If there are no holes, as it can usually happen when you can buy standard plastic pots. You would be required to make them yourself.

You are required to ensure that there are at least 5 openings, each about the size of a penny. As long as the soil is not just falling through the bottom, you are better. As an alternative to plastic pots, you can also make use of fabric pots which are smart pots or air pots.

Improper Humidity for seedlings

Seedings are extremely sensitive and these do not take kindly to mistakes that are associated with growing like moisture levels and improper humidity. Both of these could spell the premature end for your seedings.

marijuana seedling
  • Humidity too low

You are required to ensure a high relative humidity of about 65-70%. You are required to make use of a humidity dome for seedings and germination. And you have to keep the soil moist, but not for keeping it wet.

  • Humidity too high or excessive moisture

Excessive moisture is also a piece of very bad news for seedlings. When the levels of humidity are extremely high or when you overwater your seedlings. It may in turn lead to the dreaded damping off which is a deadly fungal disease.

Seedings will become very weak and tip over. And there is nothing that you can do for saving them. You are required to avoid the extremely overwatering and high humidity and have to ensure to make use of a sterile medium for germination.

Overfeeding and Overwatering

feeding marijuana plant
  • Overfeeding

People used to love their weed plants so much. So, they think that serving them with more must be a very good thing. But it is not so in reality. Overfeeding may in turn lead to nutrient burn, or even worse, the nutrient lockout that is caused by an accumulation of minerals in the soil.

In this case, you are required to flush your soil with water. And then you are required to start again with your feedings for returning to the pH to an ideal window. In short, you should not overdo it in the nuts!

  • Overwatering

Overwatering is much worse than your occasional underwatering. As plants can almost get recovered from slightly dry conditions. But, when they are constantly overwatered, it deprives the roots of oxygen and it will lead to all kinds of troubles like root rot and fungus. You are required to always facilitate the soil to get dried out between waterings. Less frequent watering is much better than overdoing it!

Don’t have proper ventilation

marijuana ventilation

If you don’t have proper ventilation, it may, in turn, lead to a host of maladies which include mold particularly when you are growing indoors. For small grows, a simple standing fan blowing a mild breeze across your plants might be enough.

On the other hand, larger grow operations have the requirement of sufficient outfitting for ensuring air is constantly flowing. And it doesn’t have any requirement of becoming stagnant.

If you are growing outdoors, air circulation should not be a problem for you. But, then there are some other things on which you are required to keep a glance. For one, you would have the requirement of protecting your plans from thieves.

You can also do this by planting companion species for hiding the mask you smell and for hiding your crop. You can also do the selection of cannabis strains that naturally remain hidden and short from view.

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