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6 Helpful Gadgets For Growing Cannabis | Potgage

3 years ago

Whether you are a highly passionate grower of cannabis and desire them for yourself, or you are in search of a useful gift for someone else, then you must check out these cool gadgets for growing cannabis! With the assistance of nifty gadgets, it would not be difficult for you to grow some first-class weeds!

The world of growing cannabis is not at all same as it was a decade ago. With ever-more relaxed laws that are related to growing marijuana in many countries, the fact that people can grow some good herb independently is slowly entering the real responsiveness.

Growers in today’s times can find a huge selection of things that are available for making it easy to grow even top-shelf bud without any fuss! Given below is a list of some extra cool & particularly useful gadgets that can assist you in growing cannabis!

Water from a stone globe

Over the weekend you are desired to go somewhere but your plants are required to be watered while you are on & about? You are not required to get worried anymore. The “water from a stone” watering globes are cool enough for you. The reason is that they will do their job without having any requirement of fancy-schmancy tech.

These pretty globes used to release just the correct amount of water for up to four days. You are required to put only one of them in each plant container & then your girls will get what they actually require & then you can get relaxed after knowing that they would be found when you are back!

High-Quality PH/TDS Combo Meter

You are facilitated to get a standard pH meter from bucks that are available online. The problem with these cheap pH meters however is that they would not last for a very long time. Even if they are working right at all! As a grower one of the best investment that you would make with gadgets for growing cannabis is when you will get a quality pH meter.

This phenomenal model is having additional benefits in that it also does the measurement of TDS. It means that it would tell you about the correct amount of nutrients. These meters are extremely popular for their high quality, good warranty, and great customer support.

Carson Micro Brite Plus Pocket Microscope

Just get to know about the inner workings of your cannabis plants with a microscope that gets fitted in the palm of your hand. The Carson Micro Brite Plus Pocket Microscope facilitates up to 120x magnification & LED illumination for an in-depth look at trichomes, pistils, insects, and more. Microscopes are very crucial for a successful grow, that assists you in harvesting at the ideal time.

You are required to take a quick peek at the trichomes, have to note their cloudiness, & harvest when the levels of THC are their greatest-simple. The Microbrite microscope usually takes the difficulty out of this necessary process, which facilitates a crucial tool to beginner & advanced growers alike.

Smartphone Macro Lens

One of those tiny microscopes or a jeweler’s loupe might be useful for you, but nothing really can beat these microlenses for your smartphone! It might be extremely helpful in numerous ways to being able to rapidly take a magnified picture of your plants. If you are desired to do a professional check on your trichomes the microlens are ideal for you for seeing if your precious plants are ready for harvesting or not.

These are super helpful for you when you come across some unknown bug or another nasty where you would have a requirement of assistance from another grower for identification of it. You are required to simply take a picture with your phone & then have to share it on your favorite grower forum!

LED Grow Light Room Glasses

This cool-looking LED Grow Light Glasses are fit for numerous purposes. This in turn makes them quite useful. They do the protection of your eyes from potentially harmful UV light that some HPS & LED grow lights might get emitted. If you are going to grow with any of those purple LEDs, these shades might assist you in seeing your plants in their real color that can be incredibly useful by themselves.

And last but not least, these LED Grow Light Room Glasses make you look reall very cool. Rather than some, other brands of grow room glasses that are available in the market which are costing a silly amount of money, these glasses are genuinely very affordable.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is one of these high-tech growing gadgets which is extremely useful for you in reality. The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor appears like a cross between a golf club or an alien egg. You are required to put it in the soil of your plants and do the measurement of temperature, moisture, and even intensity of light.

It will feed the right of your data in your phone & these can also send you an email. So, you can also be aware of what is going on with your girls! It tell you when you have a requirement for water, you can make the adjustments to your lighting or when it gets too much hot or too cold for them.

This device usually comes with an app for your mobile phone, but you are also facilitated to check the status of your plants from a web app. This is not the advanced thing as it still goes around & actually grows your plants for you. But for what reason it is that much good. it is extremely neat and doesn’t cost too much for you.

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