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3 Best Regular Cannabis Seeds

3 years ago
best marijuana seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are known for operating just as nature intended. Each time you will place a cannabis seed in the soil, you will get the experience of a 50/50 chance of watching a male or female emerge.

Males are known for doing the production of pollen that makes you capable of breeding at home. On the other hand, females are known for growing strong flowers and viable cuttings for making a healthy clone and for skipping the process of germination.

Unlike feminized strains of cannabis, which does the production of only flower-bearing ladies. Regular cannabis seeds usually emerge as both male and female plants.

Many home growers are in search of nothing but flowers, and thus most of them go with the latter. However, regular cannabis seeds generally facilitate a critical role when they are growing cannabis from breeding to cloning.

Why make use of Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Why you would bother about making use of regular cannabis seeds? Don’t they crowd the growing space with males that growers are required to sex and get separated later on?


Definitely, for some growers, regular seeds are more working than they are worth. But you should not forget, we have the requirement of regular seeds for ensuring that we are having access to new strains and strong genetics. Breeders usually rely on regular cannabis seeds for accessing both pollen from female and male plants and flowers.

Making use of regular seeds, growers can pursue their own breeding projects at home. If you have found a strain with an incredible terpene profile, and another with a pleasant high, you can cross them. And you can do the creation of a cultivar that usually expresses both of these traits.

Regular seeds are also a good source of reliable and hardy genetics, apart from breeding. Growers have requirement of them when they are making a plan on growing from cuttings. Unlike feminized specimens, regular mother plants serve with viable genes that do the creation of productive and flourishing clones.

Best Regular Cannabis Seeds

If you are interested in the cultivation of some regular seeds, you are required to check out the varieties below. These strains are known for facilitating potent cannabinoid profiles, exotic and rare terpene blends, and productive genetics.

Garlic Mist Regular

Garlic Mist facilitates with incredible tastes, massive yields, and a high that will leave you with an uplifted feeling, and motivated for hours to come. Our breeders have done the creation of this unusual regular strain by crossing Original Garlic Bud with Cali Sativa Haze.

Garlic Mist Regular
Garlic Mist Regular

After stabilizing these strains over numerous generations and sampling of these offspring, they have noticed something that would have never experienced before. These are tastes of garlic, pepper, and herbs.

While the taste of garlic might be off-putting for you, but it genuinely coordinates perfectly with the typical terpenes that are found within cannabis. This exceptional taste will go down superbly in potent extracts, edibles, and vapes.

THC levels of 19% are an ideal addition to the eccentric mix. Altogether, this phytochemical cocktail does the production of clear-headed and euphoric high perfect for daytime toking.

On top of the pleasant effects and tastes of it, Garlic Mist does the production of a rewarding yield that will keep your stash jars filled for some time. This prolific regular strain does the production of 550 and 600g/m2 indoors.

For maximization, you can do the harvesting in a small grow room or tent. You can make use of the ScrOG technique for the development of a tamed canopy that is loaded with flowers.

Mango Crunch Regular

Mango Crunch also serves with a whole new world of flavor. Many cannabis smokers are known for distinctive tastes within each strain, from fruity profiles to more gassy or earthy.

This mouth-watering regular variety breaks the rules completely and is combined with terpene that is rarely experienced together. You can puff flowers and can have the experience of waves of diesel, herbs, citrus, and pineapple wash across the tongue.

Mango Crunch Regular
Mango Crunch Regular

After crossing Mango Haze with Sour Diesel, our pro breeders have done the creation of a progeny with a Sativa-dominant genetic profile. It does the production of small yet dense flowers that is loaded with trichomes and are decorated with dark orange pistils.

The THC content of 16% of this facilitates with a moderate-high. It is known for stimulating deep thoughts and creativity without reducing functionality. You can enjoy the buds of it during the day when you are writing, working, and getting things done.

You can grow this versatile cultivar indoors and can watch the growth of it to 90-140cm in height. You can take the benefit of LST for keeping it at the lower end of this spectrum while doing the optimization of your harvest. You can have the expectation of more than 500g/m2 from these plants when you are making use of high-quality nutrients and good lights.

Plants that are grown outdoors usually grow to a slightly taller height of 140-180cm and do the production of 500-550g/plant. You can sow companion plants such as basil and dill around this strain for keeping pests at bay and for attracting beneficial critters. You are required to get ready for harvesting in early October.

Marula Fruit Regular

Marula Fruit is known for ticking all of the boxes of a premium regular strain. It basically facilitates a high level of THC, big yields, tasty terpenes, and reliable genetics that thrive during the cloning process. After smoking these sweet buds and after experiencing the relaxing high of it. You will ultimately have the desire of starting cloning your other plants for ensuring a constant supply.

Marula Fruit Regular
Marula Fruit Regular

Not only the cuttings of it do the creation of an army of clones at your disposal. But, males do the production of pollen that infuses these powerful and tasty genetics in another strain that you love. It is just a few crosses away for you to play around with your dream strain.

Marula Fruit used to descend from a strain from the Mendocino County and Mozambican landrace. It is possessing 35% Indica and 65% Sativa genetics. The resinous flowers of it usually display harbor THC levels of 20% and a tempting light green shade. You are facilitated to hit the strain in the evening and afternoon for a high. It would keep your mind alert while making your every muscle relaxed in the body.

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