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Top 7 Common Mistakes Made By New Marijuana Growers

3 years ago

Growing any plant requires an information, expertise, effort, and time. Without utilizing all of those no plants can be grown. When we talk about marijuana growing, the same sort of requisites is required. Lots of information are available online and offline for a beginner to ponder upon before deciding to grow marijuana. Making mistakes is a sort of human nature and people always do that in any case. Growing marijuana is not a difficult task as compared to other plants. What you require is information. When combining information with your efforts and time, you will get your desired results in marijuana growing.

For you all beginners who wish to grow marijuana, we are here to help you by compiling seven mistakes done by new marijuana growers.

Please note: POTGAGE is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Lack of information

Information is the most important part of any plant growing. So sometimes people fall prey to someone else and start thinking about growing marijuana. Without knowledge when someone starts growing marijuana, the risk of mistakes increases manifolds. Before growing it, consider investing some time in knowing all about marijuana growing.

Here are some of the questions, you are required to ask yourself before starting growing:-

  • Why did you want to grow marijuana?
  • Which types of marijuana you wish to grow?
  • What is your medium of cultivation?
  • Do you know the level of nutrients and PH level of your soil?
  • Are you growing for personal use or commercial use?

If you know all the answers to this question, it means you have the required information to start growing marijuana. You can also obtain other small information like legality clauses at your place of residence before starting growing. Marijuana growing is not legal in many places, so it is your responsibility to be aware of the legality of growing marijuana.

Excess supply of water

Marijuana plants require water but too much water is not ideal for the growth of plants. Many people believe that they should always keep the area of plantation wet, but this is factually not a correct notion. Of course, watering is important but you need to be careful while watering plants.

Overwatering can stop the growth of marijuana and can even kill them. Ideally, you should water plants two to three times per day. Furthermore, you do not need to exceed this watering limit, and also while water is only required when the upper layer of soil is dry. IF you have marijuana plants indoors, then you can easily keep a watch on them. And depending upon the soil texture, you can water it.

Nutrients and fertilizers overload

We all understand that nutrients and fertilizers are important for the growth of marijuana, but an excess of anything is not good. Some people believe that supplying more fertilizers will help the plants in growing faster thus helping you to harvest early. But this is not true. Fertilizers are chemicals and it must be provided within the prescribed limits. Overdose or even under-dose will hamper the growth of the plant.

When we talk about nutrients, generally three major nutrients are required that is: – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. If your soil is fertile then there is no need to supply nitrogen at all. Plants can get their required nitrogen level from the soil itself. You only need to provide two other nutrients. Depending upon the time of harvest and type of plants, the level of nutrients varies. To avoid underuse and overuse of nutrients and fertilizers, it is advised to get some detailed information through online or offline mode.

You can also choose to discuss with your close person who is growing marijuana for a long time.  The timing of fertilizers also plays a crucial role. It is noticed that sometimes despite giving proper fertilizers, expected results are not achieved. This is only because the person did not supply fertilizers at the right time.

Showing off your marijuana plantation

Some people love to show off and discuss growing marijuana with everyone. This is not advised. If you are growing indoors, then why it is even needed to talk about that with someone else. Not keeping private will create the following problems:-

  • Unnecessary attention to your plant is not good. When you discuss that with so many people, some people might come to see the plant. In that way, it will create unnecessary attention thus harming your plants rather than helping in growth.
  • Many governments all around the world do not allow marijuana growing. And some governments only allow marijuana growing in private. You may also find yourself in a legal battle when you start discussing plants with everyone. It is always advised to keep it secret and private.
  • In our society, people love to give advice. Whatever the reason is, but they love to do that. Advertising and showing off will attract more advice. And advice is not always correct. After receiving them you might end up following them and in turn doing more harm than good.

Not following techniques of pruning

Marijuana plants require pruning many times. But proper pruning is an art
and it can only come with experience and knowledge. Over pruning, none pruning, or less pruning are some of the mistakes done by first-time growers. Pruning the plants more than required may lead to weakening the plant. In some cases, it is observed that over-pruning might kill the plant so you should follow pruning carefully. To better understand the right techniques, you may choose to get some help from experienced growers.

Environment creation

Proper environment that involves moisture, nutrients level, PH level, amount of sunlight or artificial light, etc is important. Every plant can only survive when the required environment is provided. First-time growers without knowing about the proper environment, start growing marijuana. Some points which you must consider while growing as follows:-

  • Humidity level requires between 30 to 70 percent.
  • Ideal temperature for growth of the plant is 75 to 85 degree
  • Air circulation is important. It means you cannot grow the plant is completely closed places.
  • Sunlight is ideal for growth. If sunlight is not available, you may choose any of the artificial lighting systems like LED, CFL, etc.
  • Plants cannot survive without water. You should follow Watering techniques while watering.

Other mistakes

Besides the mistakes mentioned above, people tend to do other small mistakes that also hampers the growth of marijuana. One important mistake that is committed by first-time growers is early harvesting.
Understanding the ideal time to harvest is important and you cannot get the desired results once you are not following the ideal time. Depending upon the type of marijuana, the harvesting time differs.

We know people are generally in a hurry to cultivate marijuana but that urgency is not good for the health of the plants. Harvesting and drying are as important of a phase as the growth itself. You should closely watch plants for harvesting time. Plants give some indications like the intense smell, pistils change/darken their color/ Insurance, sticky flowers, etc. Without observing these signals, harvesting should be avoided.

Other small mistakes that people often commit are “Not having proper plant insurance”. Having plant insurance helps you in recovering some of the losses you might occur due to any minor or major reason. Growing marijuana requires lots of time, money, and effort. In case after doing that all you did not receive the good harvest, you are at a complete loss. So start thinking about having insurance for your plants as early as possible.
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