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A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Marijuana

3 years ago
growing marijuana

Growing marijuana for any beginner does not seem to be an easy task. Not having any proper information hampers the growth of marijuana. It is not a daunting task for a beginner to growing marijuana. It can be done by anyone having less knowledge about the plants.

Two things which are required for growing this plant are: – Effort and Time. Firstly, you need to make up your mind about growing marijuana, and then put some effort into that. With passing by some time, marijuana will be ready for you. We are here to make you understand every step of growing marijuana in detail. Read further to know more.

Please note: POTGAGE is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Why you should grow marijuana

  1. Growing marijuana by yourself will provide you complete freedom in choosing the variety of marijuana. You can have authentic marijuana by self-growing.
  2. You can choose the best environment and growing conditions for marijuana growing. In that way, you have the good and best quality of marijuana.
  3. You can earn some extra money by selling marijuana. Choosing the right environment and best time for marijuana growing.

This is the first and biggest problem people face when thinking about growing marijuana. Indoor, or outdoor, first choose one from two depending upon your local conditions. Both the places are having some merits and demerits, so choose wisely. The area of cultivation is the next point to ponder upon.

If you wanted to grow indoor

Indoor growing of marijuana has so much added advantage. As compared to outdoor settings, it is less expensive, and less effort is required for the same. Irrigation will not be that difficult for you. You can simply use your indoor water system for watering the plant. Indoor growing also helps you in many ways. You can simply keep a watch on the health of plants easily. As it is nearly your place, you can care for plants anytime. Basic details about the indoor setting as follows:-

Light system: – Marijuana requires light. In normal parlance, sunlight is best but as you have decided to grow it indoors, this facility will not be available for you. Arrangement of artificial lighting may be required to set up indoors. People mainly use various lighting modes like MH Lamps, LEDs, CFLs, and more. Out of this option, CFL is the cheapest, and led is the best. In the case of LED, the initial investment is high but gradually you will save money in the form of electricity bills.

Medium: – Soil is the best medium for marijuana growth. But there are other options also in the market. One good substitute for soil is organic waste. In case you have decided to use soil as a medium, then the question comes “Which type of soil?” Generally, any soil that has the capacity to restore water for a longer duration and is full of nutrients is the best. The soil has some micro and some minor nutrients. Any soil that has an excess amount of nitrogen is regarded best for marijuana growing. So fertile soil like Alluvial is the best. Organic medium is also in use by a large number of growers. In that case, a person needs to make an organic medium by using the waste products of the household. This is environmentally friendly and does not require more investment. But here, efforts are more important than investment.

Nutrients: – Many times, when a grower starts growing marijuana, the soil can fulfill all the requirements of the plants. But in some cases, it is needed that plants are unable to get full nutrients from the soil. So you need some nutrients for that plant. Mainly a marijuana plant requires three nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Along with that a good amount of water is also required. Soils fulfill the requirement of nitrogen if it is fertile. Alluvial soil which is rich in nitrogen is regarded as the best soil type of marijuana due to this reason only. The other two nutrients provide strength to the plant to grow faster. Keep a watch on your plant, and when you notice it is not growing as expected, you may put some nutrients into it.

Many growers forget to understand the importance of PH level in soil while deciding the medium of the plantation. PH level plays a great role in the growth of marijuana. Generally, the PH level requires balancing. It means it should be around 7. Less than 7 PH levels mean, soils are not good for marijuana cultivation. To maintain the proper PH balance of the soil, you may purchase some fertilizers online or offline.

If you wanted to grow outdoors

Growing marijuana, outdoor is always expensive and involves lots of effort as compared to indoor growing. Outdoor settings of marijuana growth also require taking care more and more. Unexpected guests like wild animals, insects, and other animals may also come and damage the plants, so in that case, you also need to take care of the plant’s safety. Therefore, Outdoor growing of marijuana always involves more hurdles than indoor growing.

The best type of marijuana for growing

From east to west and north to south this cannabis has made its name among its followers and users. There is very little cannabis in the world which is as famous as marijuana. But people are having less knowledge about what are the types of marijuana. Understanding this step will help you in deciding which variety of plants you will grow. There are mainly four types of marijuana Sativa, Indica, Rudrelias, and the fourth is Hybrid.

Sativa: – Out of all four types, Sativa is the best. It is most potent and highly popular among marijuana lovers. In case you having a bumper harvest, it can simply be sold in the market. It helps in relaxing the body and mind and at the same time also helps in getting good sleep. Many people have solved their long problem of insomnia with the help of this product.

Indica: – It is related to Indian subcontinent countries and is mainly found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. It is short in length and somewhat bushy in view. As compared to Sativa, growing this type of marijuana is easy to grow. So in case you have less area under marijuana cultivation, you can choose this type. It also helps in soothing the digestive system of the body.

Rudrelias: – It is not as popular and used as compared to Sativa and Indica. Very few places in the world are known for growing this product. It is not as effective and potent, so people use this type of marijuana any time of the day.

Hybrid: – It is the combination of all types of marijuana. People grow this type in other different environments like greenhouse environments and indoor environments.

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