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Potassium Deficiency In Cannabis Plants

3 years ago

Generally, you will see symptoms on older leaves of a plant that is facing the deficiency of Potassium in Marijuana plants, but it is not always. You may also sometimes see the symptoms at the top of the plant. Leave of the plant start to get burnt edges and tips, brown, or yellow. The burnt edges of the plant may also look a bit like nutrient burn, except the affected leaves of the plant also start to turn yellow in the margins.

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You may see the yellowing at first or you may see the brown burnt edges first. When both these symptoms are present on leaves, it is a sign that your plant is having a deficiency of potassium.

Your cannabis plant may get stretched and stems of the plant may become weak, but leaf symptoms are more noticeable on the plant. The symptoms of the leaves somewhere appear similar to the deficiency of iron, and in that, they can turn bright yellow in color. As the edges of the plant turn burnt, brown, and get died, the tips of the leaves get curled.

Nutrient Deficiencies in your Marijuana Plants can cause your cannabis leaves to turn yellow, white, brown, or burnt looking, but the inside veins of the plants are always almost stay green in color. Sometimes, the deficiency of Potassium in Marijuana plants gets worse by overwatering, as the case is with these plants.

Solution to get rid of Potassium Deficiency in Cannabis
  • Ensure that your plant is not light burn
  • Make use of good sources of nutrients
  • Make adjustment of pH to correct range
  • Watch leaves of the plants to get recovered
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