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Nitrogen Deficiency In Cannabis Plants

3 years ago

A deficiency of nitrogen in marijuana plants will make the older and lower leaves of your plant yellow, these will droop away and will die at last. Basically, the plant appears lime-colored or pale.

These yellow leaves of your cannabis plant may show signs of brown color, and generally, they will become a sort of fold and soft before getting crispy, but these will eventually fall off on their own.

A plant that has a deficiency of nitrogen mostly appear lime-colored or pale. The leaves on this marijuana plant normally don’t have obvious leaf symptoms like markings or spots, but they appear pale all over the whole plant, generally lime green in color. The sign that your plants have a requirement of Nitrogen are light-colored leaves. On the other hand, those plants which receive too much Nitrogen becomes dark in color.

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Solutions to get rid of Nitrogen Deficiency:

You can go to a store where you will find many pre-mixed nutrients that contains nitrogen or you can also make use of organic fertilizer or nitrate of soda, both of which are a good source of nitrogen. If you haven’t been serving your plant with any nutrients, you have to try to supplement your regular nutrients with a little nitrogen and have to see that if your plant has started recovering or not. If you have already been making use of sufficient nutrients for your plant, then perhaps you don’t have a deficiency of nitrogen.

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