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Phosphorus Deficiency In Cannabis Plants

3 years ago
Phosphorus Deficiency

A deficiency of Phosphorus generally appears on leaves from the older or lower parts of the plant. The lower leaves of the plant may start to get yellow or dark green, and these may also start to get big splotches or big spots that look bronze, brown, or even a little blue in color. The leaves of the plant may get curl and thick, and the affected leaves of the plant may also become stiff. Sometimes the stems of the plant may get purple or bright red, but it does not happen always. Sometimes the deficiency of Phosphorus goes along with Calcium, as Calcium and Phosphorus interact with each other in the marijuana plants.

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The deficiency of Phosphorus in marijuana plants appears with some or all of the symptoms which are given below:
  • It tends to affect the older and lower leaves of the plants
  • Sometimes the deficiency of phosphorus goes along with bright red stems (though not always), though if you have red stems but not any other symptoms, it is typically not a matter to worry about
  • Leaves of the plant may get darken or may get to turn blue, dark green or grayish in color) and these may also appear shiny
  • If the deficiency of Phosphorus is left untreated in any place on the plant, or if the deficiency of Phosphorus is combined with the deficiency of another nutrient in the plant or pH problems, the leaves of the plant may start to turn yellow in those places. However, yellow leaves on the plants are basically not associated with the beginning of the deficiency of Phosphorus.
  • Leaves on the cannabis plant facing deficiency start to get purple, bronze, or brown spots and splotches
Solutions to treat Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis plants:
  • Adjust pH to Correct Range
  • Provide the Right Temperature to your marijuana
  • Give the Right Nutrients to the plant
  • Take Good Care of the Roots of the plant
  • Watch for Recovery of your Cannabis Plant
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