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Boron Deficiency In Cannabis Plants

3 years ago

A deficiency of Boron in these plants is relatively rare unless a plant is really in a dry environment or is underwatered, and it is basically accompanied by another type of pH problems or nutrients that can appear as problems with the leaves. The first sign of a boron deficiency in cannabis is thick or abnormal growth tips along with yellow or brown spotting on new leaves.

Upper cannabis leaves display slowed or abnormal growth with a boron deficiency. It may be that growing tips may display twisted growth, may not grow properly, and may also die off. New leaves of the plant may also get curl or wrinkles.

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Solution for Boron Deficiency in Marijuana Plants:
  • Adjust pH to Correct Range
  • Give Plants Enough Moisture
  • Use Good Sources of Nutrients
  • Watch Leaves for Recovery
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