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Easy Indoor Cannabis Growing Guide For Beginners

4 years ago

Greenish-grey snugs called marijuana bud or better known as cannabis is in vogue these days. People have got a soaring interest in consuming marijuana since it has a pile of benefits. Growing one’s own weed is more than a dream towards the best quality grass or pot.

Now one might think why would anyone want to grow marijuana, even after all the bad effects of weed on health? Well, just like a coin has two sides, marijuana has its own medical benefits as well. Consuming weed provides umpteen benefits to body such as relief in chronic pain, helps fighting with depression and anxiety, prevent from cancer, fight against diseases like glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, and hepatitis c, fight against diabetes, etc.

Now comes the question, how one can get their own organic and premium quality cannabis? Sometimes one cannot grow cannabis outside due to circumstances but there is nothing to worry about. Here is an easy guide to grow one’s own organic marijuana inside. Here is the beginner’s guide:

  • choose the right place and adjust as per the requirement – owning a lion’s share of field isn’t necessary, underpinning of the bud can be done in a small part of the room. Make sure it is well sanitized as buds invites a lot of unnecessary bacteria. Make sure the bud is getting enough light since a lot of light will cause the formation of male buds which ruins the growth of female buds as female buds are useful buds. Room must be light sealed.
  • Manage the perfect lighting: light emitting diode (LED) lights, induction grow lights, high intensity discharge (HID) lights and fluorescent grow lights are the suitable variants to grow the best marijuana inside.
  • Provide fresh air to the plants: fresh air is part and parcel for the growth of any plant and since it is the inside ploughing, one must need to take care of the air flow. Portable fan comes very handy in such a situation as it provides the right amount of carbon dioxide filled air for the best growth of marijuana bud.
  • Create a monitor room for your buds: one must need to make a monitor room to keep an eye on the buds so that the grower would know when to shut the lights off. Once bud changes the stages and reaches its vegetative form it needs approximately 16-20 hours of light supply a day and when reaches the flowering stage, it needs 12 hours light and 12 hours of darkness. Hence, Monitoring is must.
  • Choosing the right spoil for better ploughing: soil must be rich in nutrients and should contain optimised growing mix. Add super spoils which contains all the needed nutrients for better mulching and choose fine canna-tainer (container) with a hole in it so the extra water gets drained out without killing the bud.
  • Do not overwater: overwatering might kill the buds. At flowering stage, it requires a little more water than at vegetative stage. Use chlorine free or distilled water to sprinkle water.
  • Cut out the male buds: either choose feminised seeds or wait for the buds to mature. After they attain their reproductive parts, get rid of the male buds and pamper your plants daily.
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