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Growing Single Marijuana Bud At Home For Beginners

4 years ago

Ever wonder why to grow a single plant and not the whole garden? since ploughing marijuana isn’t a kid’s play, one must need to pour all of their focus on the plant. Growing a single plant is the best option for those who cannot pay attention to a bigger field of marijuana. Growing a single bud is
even more convenient and time efficient.

Here is the easy guide of growing a single pot of marijuana especially for rookie gardeners:

  • Make sure you choose the right place for your bud. Make sure it has a proper light efficient space for the best mulching and growth of the pot. Ploughing one’s own herb depends on the environment especially when it is outdoors. Mulching outside can be a lot thrifty and it saves all the grow light costs.
  • Sun is the only effective growing light outside and is requisite to expose your sativa to direct sunlight for straight 8 plus hours. Even too much exposure can damage it. Young growing cannabis plant grow fastest around 20° – 30°C. since the plant is being grown in direct exposure to sunlight, there is no control on the exposure so make sure that light is provided in an apt manner. Also, spending on a LED is a good idea for just in case if the weather isn’t a friend anymore.
  • Next comes the growing medium for cannabis which should be organic composted soil that contains all the rich nutrients to save the plant from dying. Especially the bud should get nurtured with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur.
  • One might still need to add nutrients as sativa is one if the heavy feeders and needs nutrients on reaching budding stage. pH level should be between 6.0 – 7.0 pH to make the plant absorb efficient water.
  • One should choose their seeds carefully and then get them germinated via rapid rooters. Rapid rooters are highly recommended for the best germination of the seeds as it is super easy to use. It comes with an easy package and good to go. No extra preparation or setup is needed. Also, rapid rooters are flexible and works best with any medium either be it hydroponic medium or soil.
  • Next is the crucial part that is getting rid of all the male buds as female buds can be smoked only. Female buds will start growing white hair which tells they are forming the actual plant. Temperature at this stage should be a little cooler (18° – 24°C).
  • Wait until 50-60% of the buds have stopped growing new white hair and getting darkened with permed texture. The last initial stage is to dry the weed. Store the harvested bud in a tight container and open once a day to get fresh air in and moisture out straight for at least two weeks. After the bud feels dry one can open the lid once a week. Keep it in a chilly, dried and in airtight space.
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