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Broad Mites In Cannabis Plants

2 years ago
broad mites cannabis plants

The broad mites on your marijuana are very small and most of the time it becomes impossible for you to see them with naked eyes, even it is harder to see them under a microscope.

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Broad Mite Symptoms:
  • Bugs in the plants are so small that they are even more difficult to see without any magnification.
  • You can see under a microscope that there are 6 legs of the bugs when they are young, and as they become adults their legs will grow to 8.
  • Symptoms are often confused for overwatering, heat stress, a pH imbalance, or root problems.
  • New growth of the plants may be drooping or twisted.
  • Leaves of the plants may get blistered or wet looking.
  • Leaves of the plants may be turned up at the edges.
  • These don’t attack all parts of the plants evenly, where the infestation is concentrated symptoms are even more worse in certain spots.
  • Buds may become even sicker and die in the flowering stage.
Solutions to get rid of Broad Mites on marijuana plants:

Once you have identified that your plants have broad mites, it is high time to get rid of them. A lot of the standard miticides are not effective when it comes to broad mites and you will notice that these special broad mites are not listed on the labels.

  • Remove immediately and carefully infected parts of the plant.
  • If your plant has an infestation that won’t go away, you might have to treat it several times a week or even daily.
  • Whenever you are treating your plants with a spray, you should do it before the lights go off, so your plant is likely to get burned.
  • You must ensure to read the complete instructions of each bottle and follow them when you are treating your plants.
  • You have to do repeat treatments on a weekly basis for 5 more weeks after your broad mites are gone.
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