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Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For Indoor Growing

3 years ago

Autoflowering Cannabis strains are extremely easy to grow. This facilitates both beginners and experienced growers in obtaining respectable yields in a matter of weeks. These best auto-flowering varieties serve with high levels of THC, tasty terpenes, premium genetics, and yields that will be keeping you elevated for weeks at a time.

These auto-flowering cannabis seeds are very easy in growing, serve great yields, & a joy to smoke. These are equally suitable for experienced cultivators and budding beginners who are seeking an efficient harvest. You can check out the
main benefits of auto-flowering cannabis seeds below. Then you can explore our best auto-flowering cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are known to come with a host of benefits which make them very easy to grow:

  • Resilient against disease and pests
  • Go from seed to harvest on an average of 8-10 weeks
  • Small, stealthy, and easy to manage
  • Don’t have any requirement of change in light cycle for flowering
  • Low demands for nutrients

Why Grow Autoflowers Indoors

Growing auto-flowers indoors facilitates cultivators in controlling all aspects of the environment. By the management of nutrients, watering, and lighting, growers can strike the perfect balance that is healthy for cannabis plant seeds.


Outdoor autoflower plants are also offering great results. But they are exposed to the whims of nature. For instance, droughts, strong winds, floods, and a higher chance of disease and pests.

Indoor growing of autoflower cannabis seeds is also a better option in those areas where cannabis is illegal. Making use of a carbon filter and growing tent can keep stinky terpenes out of the air and plants out of the sight. It makes the reduction in the chances of getting busted.

Light Schedule for Indoor Autoflowers Plants

Unlike photoperiod strains, auto-flowering strains don’t have any requirement of a change in the light cycle for starting flowering. These plants are originated in colder and darker regions. Thus, you should not rely on external cues for progress through their life cycle. Instead of this, after a matter of weeks, they do this all by themselves.


As such, you can do the maintenance of a light cycle of 18 hours on and 6 hours off throughout the whole growing cycle- easy and nice.

Easy Tips For Growing Autos Indoors

Autoflowers are extremely easy in growing. However, cultivators can make matters much more simple by making use of these key tips:

  • Transplant once: After germination, you are required to place your seeding directly into the final pot. It is for avoiding transplant stress further down the line.
  • Go easy on watering: You must water only when the top inch of soil becomes entirely dry. Overwatering does the ending of many grows before they even really get started.
  • Invest in good lights: You are required to make lights your most expensive purchase. Poor-quality lights will reduce yields & stunt growth.

Best Autoflowering Weed Seeds For Indoor Growing

Whether you are having a whole room at your disposal or are indulged in working within a modified closet, you can do the achievement of results. Each cultivar facilitates something special to the grower, but these all perform exceptionally

Quick One

Quick One is known to serve as a perfect beginner plant. The low odor and small size make it ideal for stealthy indoor growing. You can even do the cultivation of these in boxes or cupboards for keeping things really convert. These grow to a height of 50-60cm and do the production of a respectable 275-325g/m2.

Quick One has earned the name it for the impressive brevity of it. You are required to get ready for harvesting these flowers in 9-10 weeks after germination. These buds are known for packing a modest THC content of 13% that usually hits the sweet spot each time. You can also enjoy a physically relaxing high augmented by the taste of fruit, earthiness, and citrus.

Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light Automatic exerts a clear, euphoric high, without importantly impairing cognitive function. It does the production of beautiful green-blue buds that harbor a THC level of 14%. The refreshing terpenes and Nothern Light Heritage synergize for inducing an uplifting and clear high perfect for staying motivated and focused during the day. You can enjoy tastes of pepper, citrus, and pine with every hit.

When these are grown indoors, NL Automatic does the production of 500-550g/m2. You are required to hit these with some high-powered LST and LEDs for pushing it to the higher end of the spectrum. It will reach a maximum height of
120cm and does the production of a full canopy of buds only 10-12 weeks after you have placed the seeds in the soil.

HulkBerry Automatic

HulkBerry Automatic revs up the mind and gets the firing of the neurons. If you are loving en electrifying experience of Sativa, you are required to grow this stimulating auto. The insane THC level of 21% of it makes it one of the most
potent autos that are available. You can fire up these flowers during a wake & bake session for catapulting yourself into action.

HulkBerry Automatic is known to churn out sticky & large flowers in quantities of 450-550g/m2. You are required to keep these fed, illuminated, and watered, and you will be harvesting buds 8-9 weeks after the germination of these seeds. You are required to maintain a warm growing environment of around 20 degrees celsius and you are required to watch it truly thrive.

Watermelon Automatic

Watermelon Automatic facilitates gorgeous flowers, sugary tastes, and a stoning high that will keep you relaxed and mellow for hours to come. This strain will put a smile on the faces of your friends when you show them around your growing space.

The deep purple buds of it completely steal the show. But, these are not only pretty. These usually pack a THC content of 20% along with a relaxing terpene profile that states candy, sugar, and fruit.

Watermelon Automatic has inherited all of the key traits of it from its parents Tropicanna Cookies and Lemon OG. These are inclusive of impressive yields You can grow this strain outdoors for the achievement of a harvest of 450-500g/m2. After sowing the seeds you are required to get ready for the sampling of the incredible flavors in as little as 8 weeks.

Green Gelato Automatic

Green Gelato Automatic usually grows quite large for an auto. You are required to treat it to a bit more space than another plant on the list for assisting it to reach the full potential.

It will reward you with an aromatic bounty that is holding a THC level of 24%. As it is one of the most potent auto-flowers around, it will send you to mind soaring with a Sativa buzz. Each toke facilitates a mouth-watering taste of fruit, earthiness, and candy.

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