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How To Do The Identification, Treatment, & Protection Of Your Cannabis From Grasshoppers

3 years ago
grasshopper on a cannabis plant

Grasshoppers are very fond of eating weed plants. You can make use of our guide for the identification of signs of grasshoppers damage, prevention of them from showing up in the first place, and you are required to deal with them if they get appeared. Fortunately, it should not take any serious chemical intervention for keeping your plants thriving & free from grasshoppers.

If you are growing cannabis outdoors, these usually come with moments of pure bliss. It does not compare so much to tending to luscious plants in the summer sun. However, there used to come a battle with this privilege between nature and human stewardship.

In search of tasty stems, flowers, and leaves of cannabis man pests will patrol your garden and these are inclusive of grasshoppers. You are facilitated to discover here that how can you spot a grasshopper infestation, you can also learn what can you do for treating and preventing it.

What Are You Require to Know About Grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are known for developing the hunger for fresh cannabis over a very long span of time. These creatures are popularly known as the oldest living group of chewing herbivorous insects. These can also make serious damage to your cannabis crop if they are given a chance. In fact, these voracious creatures are eligible in wiping out the entire fields of crops.

Their herbivorous inclination is referred to that they are taking a liking to the leaves of your cannabis plants and to the juice of your cannabis plants. They make use of their mouthpieces for tearing off the chunks of vegetation, and if you will leave them for doing their things, your plants will definitely lose much of the apparatus. The reason is that they are dependent on photosynthesizing which in turn leads to potential facilities and stunted growth.

However, the damage caused by grasshoppers may in turn lead to harm to your crop, these specimens are also playing a crucial role in our ecosystem, as these serve as a food source for birds & other animals. To deal with grasshoppers
revolves around equilibrium & balance as is the case with everything else in gardening.

How Does The Damage Caused By Cannabis Grasshoppers Look Like?

When grasshoppers are about to affect without seeing them physically growers of Cannabis can tell. These hungry herbivores usually leave their key signs of damage that usually serve as the signs of telltale.

Dirt Mounds

Around the garden, some types of grasshoppers used to leave small & volcano-shaped mounds of dirt. As they are burrowed generally underground, they are known for kicking up dirt to the surface that ultimately piles up.

If you are eligible in seeing these popping up that are close to your plants, there are higher chances that their root systems are at major risk. In addition to that, these tunnels can severely impact the structure of the soil.

Puncture Marks

When grasshoppers get sucked into the stems of the plants, they usually leave their puncture marks in their wake. Stems are the most important component for the transportation of the nutrients & for the structure of the plant, and excessive damage many in turn lead to the losses to plant.

Dry Brown Leaves

Grasshoppers damage can affect plants by affecting the system of nutrient transportation and by properly making the reduction in the capacity for leaves to photosynthesize. This in turn leads to a sorry complexion in the overall appearance.

Enhanced Wildlife Presence

As the grasshoppers are known for loving to munch on cannabis plants, similarly like them, other animals also love to snack on grasshoppers. The regular appearance of rats, foxes, and birds can specify the presence of grasshoppers in your garden.

How To Do The Treatment Of A Grasshopper Infestation

After identification of the signs, you are required to ultimately take an action. A handful of grasshoppers will prove to be a good addition to the biodiversity of your garden. But, if you have started to notice any major damage, then you are ultimately required to save your plants.


Many gardeners generally make use of synthetic pesticides for dealing with pest species. Although they are doing their job. These chemicals may in turn to have a far-reaching impact on the environment & on your plants that compels us in suggesting you avoid making use of that. They can also get accumulated in your flowers after harvesting along with killing another beneficial insect species.

Neem Oil

With fewer negative effects as compared to another commercial chemical that is used for the same purpose neem oil usually works as a natural pesticide. This organic application can assist us in repealing grasshoppers from chewing on
cannabis plants, and this can also do the prevention of them from raising the next leaf-munching generation and from laying eggs.

Encouraging Natural Predators

Attract natural grasshopper predators for assisting you in dealing with the complexions while fostering healthy biodiversity. Mantids and spiders usually love to hunt grasshoppers, and you can also draw these species into your own garden by doing the development of polycrops of natural habitats and plants.

A thick layer of mulch in your garden serves with excellent habitat for spiders for populating. Along with drawing in these beneficial creatures, mulching assists in retaining moisture. It means you are not required to water as much. This practice also usually shields the top layer of soil from sunlight and it does the protection of significant communities of microbes.

For attracting mantids, the automatic hunters do the plantation of shrubs for instance lavender around your garden for facilitating a habitat for them to position themselves and for laying their eggs. Once you have done the establishment of some of the compatible plants, you can also opt to buy eggs and place them throughout your patch.

Building of Bird Perches

Birds are also fond of the feast on grasshoppers. You can build bird perches & do the placement of birdhouses & baths around your garden for attracting these expert aerial predators.

How To Do The Prevention From Grasshoppers Damage When You Are Growing Cannabis

As it is always, the prevention from Grasshoppers Damage can serve with a better solution than a cure. Before facilitating grasshoppers from gaining a foothold in your own garden, you can also exercise the methods below for stopping an infestation from happening in the first place.

Row Covers

You can cover your rows & beds with insect netting. This material serves your plants with air, light, and water while it works as an effective obstacle against grasshoppers and other hungry insect.

Housekeeping & Soil Care

You can keep your beds clean & well-kept. You are required to do the removal of weeds and have to keep the soil coated in a stiff layer of mulch. It will facilitate your plants is thriving and bringing in beneficial insect & animal species.

Companion Crops

There are at the same time some of the beneficial companion species as your cannabis seeds. You are required to raise species such as chamomile, basil, lavender, and dill alongside your cannabis plants for ramping up biodiversity and
for serving the habitats for spiders and mantids. The best part is that you can do the harvesting of these plants throughout the season for making garnish dishes & herbal teas.

Keep Fowl & Guinea Hens

If you are having space, you can keep guinea and fowl hens which in turn seriously does the prevention of grasshopper numbers from getting out of control. These birds will go out of their way for hunting down these snacks which are rich in protein. They also assist in the creation of a closed-loop system. Feed them with garden waste & kitchen scraps, and they will serve you with the gift of fertile droppings in return. It is extremely great for enhancing the fertility of your soil.

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