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Auto flower Marijuana Seeds

4 years ago
autoflower seeds

Auto flowering marijuana seeds are one of the seeds that comes under the category of mixture of cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. These are the type of seeds that comes very handy and lends easy hand to harvesters and cultivators. Auto flowering seeds are more convenient because it shifts from vegetative stage to flowering stage on its own depending on the light cycle. Light cycle is basically the amount of light provided to a plant for its best growth and mulching. Auto flowers does not require any special attention and nurturing. These changes stages very rapidly and is easy to use type. These grows better in cold weather, and is really short and bushy when grown.

Advantages Of Auto Flower Seeds:
Auto flowering seeds are faster flowering and harvesting type. These literally grows in the maximum timespan of 3 weeks to a month in apt light exposure. Since they have ruderalis heritage, they are short and compact which makes them easier to look after. Also, extremely manageable to grow in smaller cabinets or balconies and are easy to trim. Auto flowering seeds requires less maintenance as well. Auto flowering plants do not get easily effected by pests and contaminants, in fact they stand up to such diseases. Due to the fast flowering, harvesters relish the multiple harvesting every year. Basically, production of marijuana is multiplied and soared. Since, it has lower tetrahydrocannabinol that is THC and more of cannabidiol that is CBD, it is highly beneficial to those who look up to its medicinal benefits. These are highly suitable for beginners as these are extremely easy to plough and manage.

Pitfalls Of Auto Flowering Seeds:
Since, Auto flowering plants are dwarf plants, it is pretty obvious that one cannot grow dense snugs in a small cabinet. The production is always a little less dense in juxtapose to the area of yielding. It has lower THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which makes it less potent to get high. Moreover, cultivators try to slow down the process in order to create a little denser snug and to make them reach their highest peak, but the process is never under control a they change their states from vegetative to flowering really quick. These might cost a fortune as they need a fine amount of light, which directly effects the electricity bill.

Maximisation Of The Yield:
To soar the production of the buds, one must keep this in mind that they do not have to over-feed the plant. Since, these contain smaller roots, more than required nutrients are more likely to result in overwhelming of the plant which might kill them. Keep a track on the pH level of the soil. Acidic
soil absorbs a lot of nutrients, so pH level should be maintained up to or below 5.5. Also, if plants are being exposed to light for 15 hours a day, make sure to expose it a little more to direct sunlight and exposure should be soared from 15 hours a day to 20 hours a day.

Best Canna-Tainer (Container) For Auto Flowering Plants:
Fabric pots are best for auto flowering plants, one must make sure the container is neither too small nor too big. A complete grow kit comes bearing a pot which drains out the excess water and saves from all the fuss and mess.

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