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Best Marijuana Strains To Grow

4 years ago
best growing strain

Marijuana is quite an interesting plant to grow. Different types of strains available for growing makes the issue a little complicated. But with some little knowledge and help from us, you may decide the best strains of marijuana to grow.

There is no denying that growing marijuana is a beneficial decision and you may get the best quality marijuana at home and at the same time, can earn some extra income. It is not stressful and quite simple for beginners to grow. To understand and decide the best strains to grow, you need to read more.

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Different types of strains:-

There are approximately 15 types of marijuana widely cultivated and used all over that. Besides that, some other strains are also in use, but those are not very popular. Some of the best strains are discussed below.

1. Blue Dream and Acapulco Gold
Blue Dream

It is mainly used as a sedative. Treated as one of the best strains, it helps relieve pain, cramps, inflammation. It also helps in lifting mood and getting good sleep. There is a place called Acapulco in Mexico and these strains get their name from the originating place. In the ranking of best cannabis, it comes just second to the blue dream. You may reduce fatigue, stress, pain, and even nausea.

2. Sour Diesel and Purple Kush

No other strain gives as much energy as Sour Diesel. It is highly effective in giving you productive energy by energizing you. People suffering from stress and insomnia prefer this strain. Highly effective for relaxes, happy, and sleepy body and mind, it is also called bliss strain. People use these strains for different purposes like insomnia, pain relievers, etc.

3. Afghan Kush and Bubba Kush

There is a mountain name the Hindu Kush, located in Afghanistan. The area nearby this place is world-famous for producing and supplying world-class Indica type of marijuana. Marijuana from this area is high in demand all over the world because of its quality. Afghan Kush strain is mainly found in those areas near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Besides sleep-inducing, this is also used in case of lack of appetite and to relieve pain. It is equal to Afghan Kush for it gives better results in case of stress-related issues. People prefer this strain when they wish to solve their problem of sleeplessness.

4. White Widow and LA Confidential

It improves your mood and gives you the energy to perform better in your personal and professional life. Many people have solved their long-standing problems of stress and insomnia by consuming this strain. It is less harmful too as compared to other strains. Various strains of Marijuana are in use for different reasons. But LA confidential is highly effective in solving anti-inflammatory problems. Any type of pain like accidental, natural, headache, body ache, this strain is helpful. It is also helpful in reducing long standing pain or chronic pain.

As more than 15 strains of marijuana are in use all over the world, deciding the best type is quite difficult. But to make you understand, it is better to convey that all those.

Strains can be classified into three types: – Sativa, Indica, and Rudrelias

Sativa: – Sativa is the best type of strain for growing. It is very potent and has different medicinal properties too. It is very popular and most used all over the world. People feeling Insomnia, stress, restlessness, anxiety, pain, etc prefer to take this type because it is highly effective in solving those issues. People feel light weighted after consuming this. There is no doubt that it is very effective and potent but there is some issue with that plant. It talks more time as compared to Indica and Rudrelias type. Plants also grow big and occupy more space. So if you are not having more space and want to cultivate the marijuana, in less time then you should not prefer growing it.

Indica: – Indica type of marijuana is best for all types of growers. It does not take more time just like Sativa. Furthermore, the effectiveness of Indica is also very good. People prefer using it for anxiety, insomnia, and pain. CBD level is high as compared to THC. Indica is very much effective in soothing pain and nausea. It also helps in solving long issues of appetite.

Rudrelias:- Rudrelias is high in CBD and little in THC and that is why it does not produce after-effects as compared to Sativa and Indica. You should avoid growing it because it is not potent and effective.

In our opinion, Indica is the best type of marijuana you should think about. The Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and Granddaddy Purple and some of the strains of this type.

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