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Top 10 Marijuana Seed Affiliate Programs to Grow Earnings in 2022

1 year ago
Top 10 Marijuana Seed Affiliate Programs

As the US states and Canada have started to legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use. There has been a big boom in the marijuana industry.

You can now easily purchase everything from seeds, CBD oil, growing guides, vaporizers, and smoking accessories online. Each hemp can prove to be a profitable affiliate venture!

The marijuana plants are containing both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC and CBD products are different in terms of how people consume them and what are the laws of the state.

You must ensure to check your state laws before buying or promoting marijuana products! There is much more to know about marijuana and marijuana culture which in turn makes it such a great niche for getting into.

Recently, advocates and enthusiasts are beginning to talk about terpenes in the marijuana flower. This not only does contribution to different types of aromas and flowers.

But they also have a huge range of psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Actually, it reminds us of a huge amount of hop aromas and flavors in craft beer!

Given below are the top 10 great marijuana affiliate programs for the monetization of your marijuana-related affiliate site.

1. Seedsman

Seedsman Affiliate Program

Seedsman are indulged in selling marijuana seeds, CBD oil, vaporizers, and paraphernalia.

Seedsman is a trustworthy and reliable source for marijuana seeds. They used to carry 1500 strains of marijuana from more than 65 seedbanks throughout the world.

The inventory is inclusive of high-quality Sativa marijuana, Indica marijuana, feminized, and auto-flowering marijuana seeds for faster grow times.

The affiliate program of Seedsman marijuana company is powered by Post Affiliate Pro. Seedsman. It offers real-time reporting, offline tracking, and discount codes for assisting in enhancing conversion rates.

Affiliates can also do the utilization of their entire product catalog, giveaway promotions, and assist in affiliate guides on how to boost earnings.

Why you should do promotion of Seedsman: Trusted marijuana seed bank, 2nd tier commissions, seasonal promotions.

Affiliates may earn up to 15% commissions on sales that are made with the assistance of affiliates they refer.

2. Seed Supreme

SeedSupreme Affiliate Program

Seed Supreme is known for carrying numerous strains of marijuana seeds. Customers may go browsing through around 20 categories of marijuana strains on the website. As well as they can mix and collections. This marijuana store used to carry auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, and medicinal seeds.

This company sells marijuana seeds in the United States as well as internationally. The marijuana seeds are discreetly packaged.

When this company ship over international orders, they might be packed with a plain tee shirt or inside eco-friendly pens for assisting in keeping the seeds from rattling during transit.

There is one interesting thing about the Seed Supreme website. It is that it possesses a section to search particular seed banks. Numerous seed banks used to create their own marijuana strains. This is the reason that customers may find new marijuana seeds to try by browsing through this section. Signup to earn 20% commission for all cannabis seeds sold!

Why You Should do Promotion of Seed Supreme?

Customers may purchase seeds with Bitcoin as well as by making use of dollars. This company also facilitates free shipping for orders that total above $125. The commission rate of affiliates is also nice.

3. Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds Affiliate Program

Paradise Seeds is a company that is based in Amsterdam. It carries numerous types of marijuana seeds that are inclusive of regular seeds and auto-flowering seeds.

Customers may browse through those categories of marijuana seeds for finding what they are looking for. They can also search for marijuana seeds with particular characteristics. For instance, long-lasting, medical, or sweet, by making use of the tag cloud at the bottom of the home page.

The store is also carrying accessories and clothing. For instance grinders and smoking papers.

Paradise Seeds come with two structures for commission. Affiliate marketers are also facilitated with a discount of 10% for every purchase at the 15% commission rate. The other options are a straight 20% commission rate without any discounts.

Why should you do the promotion of Paradise Seeds?

It is better to be capable of doing the selection from two different commission structures.

4. Weed Seed Shop

WeedSeedShop Affiliate Program

Weed Seed Shop is indulged in selling high-quality and inexpensive seeds in discreet packaging. Shipping is also absolutely free.

Weed Seed Shop is located in Amsterdam, just like numerous other European marijuana seed shops. The website also has options for five different languages. So, customers from all over the world may feel comfortable while doing shopping with this store.

Products are inclusive of marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, as well as CBD oil. This company does the promotion itself as they possess the best online prices for marijuana seeds.

Why should you do a promotion of Weed Seed Shop?

The relatively low prices could result in some shoppers. In addition to this, the commission rate of affiliates is higher than rates with numerous other marijuana seed affiliate programs.

5. I Love Growing Marijuana

ILGM Affiliate Program

I Love Growing Marijuana is a company of marijuana seeds that does the selling of seeds of different marijuana seeds. Along with this they sell guides, fertilizers, growing journals, and grow kits.

The website has around 173 web pages of marijuana strains alone. Each of these pages lists about nine marijuana strain products.

Affiliates with this marijuana company do the promotion of an e-book known as Marijuana Grow Bible. But, they make a commission on any kind of purchase that their referrals make with this marijuana company.

The average order value is approximately about $100. Affiliate marketers may make around $1,800 per month by three purchases a day.

6. Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds Affiliate Program

Sensi Seeds is a marijuana seed bank that is indulged in selling a huge range of seeds. In addition to this, they also sell hemp foods, vaporizers, CBD products, and Sensi Seeds apparel.

So far, the Sensi Seeds research department has done the creation of 11 new varieties of marijuana. The online store of Sensi Seeds has a particular section for new marijuana growers. Here, they can do research for marijuana seeds that are easy for growing.

The commission structure with Sensi Seeds begins at 20% for monthly sales of €5,000 or less. Sales from referrals totaling €5,000-€8,000. They get a commission rate of 25%. And monthly sales that value above €8,000 possess a commission rate of 30%. Affiliate marketers of Sensi Seeds also have the opportunity to make a commission rate of 5% on all kinds of marijuana non-seed products.

The average order value is €100.

Why should you do the promotion of Sensi Seeds?

The tiered commission structure is also encouraging. Along with this, the high average order value is encouraging.

7. Seed City

Seed City Affiliate Program

Seed City are proud of their fantastic marijuana seed Affiliates. And they are indulged in working for bringing new customers to Seed City! Their marijuana seed affiliate system is extremely easy to use with a completely-featured affiliate control panel.

For those people who are new to affiliate programs, they work by affiliates that generates traffic to their website. And any traffic they bring results in a sale.

They are rewarded with 15% of the order total! It is a great way for making use of their existing website for generating profit!

8. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

QCS Affiliate Program

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been indulged in the business of marijuana seeds for 15 years. While offering a huge range of marijuana seeds, they also have their focus on breeding marijuana for medical and well-being purposes.

Their affiliate program of Quebec Cannabis Seeds pays out on the 20the of each month with a minimum payout of CA$100.

9. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

AMS Affiliate Program

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a top company based in Amsterdam that serves marijuana seeds which
are inclusive of real cannabis connaisseurs. This group has large varitiesof feminized or auto-flowering seeds, high CBD strains or combination packages.

You have the opportunity of making upto 20% commission on each and every sale with AMS. In addition to this, you can also ensure a bright future in the field for your readers. At AMS you will get everything which are required to make your cannabis content profitable.

10. Fast Buds

Fast Buds Affiliate Program

This company holds specialization in auto-flowering marijuana seeds. Fast Buds have spent years working on doing the creation of top-shelf marijuana strains. Their auto-flowering genetics have won awards throughout the globe.

The Fast Buds affiliate program facilitates tiered commissions that start at 20% up to individual commissions on the basis of high-volume sales.

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