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A Creator of Kit to grow Cannabis

A Pot for Pot promises its users to sell high-quality kits to grow Cannabis at your home with a germination guarantee. But, what is the guarantee that they are a reliable vendor, and they can be trusted for offering the best products? A Pot for Pot review is aimed at answering all these questions and much more.

A Pot for Pot, A Complete Kit to grow Cannabis at home Reviews

The reviews given by customers reveal that this company is indulged in offering fast shipping which takes only 5-6 days for orders, and excellent customer support. They also offer a huge variety of free growing tips along with attractive discounts. They have almost approximately 3000 good reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars.

Having been found with an aim to serve customers with a kit to assist them to grow their own clean, and green weed at their home.

Having been found with an aim to serve customers with a kit to assist them to grow their own clean, and green weed at their home, A Pot for Pot take you through the step-by-step process and make it easy for you to grow your own natural herbs right on your own balcony or deck, or in your home garden or living room.

A Pot for Pot Kit for growing Cannabis Pros

  • Fast and free shipping to customers
  • Customer services available 24/7
  • High-quality products
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Germination guarantee
  • Numerous guidance for beginners
  • Facilitates users with a community to interact

A Pot for Pot Kit for growing Cannabis Cons

Prices of kit as compared to other vendors are high. An extra amount is charged for customers who want to track their shipment.

Who’s A Pot for Pot for?

Every person who is looking for a germination guarantee, fast shipping, and excellent customer service without minding the extra cost will find A Pot for Pot useful.

However, anyone who has a tight budget may find a kit from this company at a very high rate. But, if any person who is still desired to grow cannabis at their home, even if they don’t buy from A Pot for Pot, should browse the wealth of knowledge on A Pot for Pot at least once.

Quality of Kit for growing Cannabis at home of A Pot for Pot

As we have already mentioned that this company provides its customers with a guarantee of germination of seeds, so if the seeds of any customer get failed in germination, he will get his money back. Nevertheless, you are assured that you will get a very high-quality kit for growing Cannabis at your own home.

Customer Support Service of A Pot for Pot

It is another area in which this company is also very good. But the point which is to be noted is that they don’t connect you with their customer support department by phone number. Thus, if any person who has some queries should make use of the contact us a form of the A Pot for Pot and not their phone line. Customers can also contact them by making use of email

Generally, they give a response within 24 hours during the working week. However, the kit gives you a complete guide with a step-by-step process to grow cannabis at your home without any difficulty, they also serve their users with a forum that assist them to recognize and solve any problems they may face during the process of growing.

User Reviews for A Pot for Pot

As we have already mentioned that A Pot for Pot has 3500 reviews and 4.5 stars ratings. Their website has also got plenty of feedback from different growers of Cannabis. In addition to that, they also facilitate users to leave their feedback on each problem they face.

It assists their customers to find advice and feedback from those people who have been previously growing the same seeds that they wanted to plant easily and quickly. In addition to that, A Pot for Pot also facilitates users with the images of how to make use of Kit and how to plant your Cannabis plants, which also includes pictures from those growers who have already purchased kit and have successfully planted Cannabis by making use of Kit.

These images will also help customers in the identification of any issues related to the plant. All the reviews of the company are positive and they are always appreciated for supplying their high-quality Kit for growing Cannabis at home and their fast delivery times.

Packaging and Payments of A Pot for Pot

A Pot for Pot gives proper instructions to its customers on how to pay by using different payment methods provided by their vendor. They accept bank transfers, cheques, debit/credit cards, Bitcoin, etc.

If an order of a customer doesn’t arrive, the company will ship a new one for free. So, you are not required to worry about your orders being damaged during shipment or being intercepted at customs. Those customers who don’t receive their package within 25 days after giving an order can request the company for a new order.

A Pot for Pot packs its kits very efficiently and doesn’t print any identifying
information on its envelopes. They give due importance to carefulness. This is the reason that they have been staying as the most popular vendor all over the world for many years of Kit for growing Cannabis at their homes. Packaging of the product assures customers that the purchasing process of the product is private and seamless.

Promotions and Discounts

A Pot for Pot is indulged in facilitating its customers with numerous promotional deals. These deals include giving some extra products and facilities for free along with Kit. They also facilitate customers with discounted mix packs that assists their customers to save their money. This kit is very suitable for those people who are looking for low-maintenance plants.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Pot For Pot

Can I grow my own pot in reality?

Yes, it’s very easy. The kit provides you everything whatever you require. You have to only follow our simple instructions, and you will be able to smoke your own homegrown without spending any extra time.

What is the difference between Photo-Period flowering and Auto-flowering (Regular) seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds are able to be planted indoors or outdoors, and these will flower after 10-12 weeks regardless of their life cycle. The drawback of these plants is that they generally produce lower yields than regular seeds.
Photo-period flowering (Regular) seeds give flowers in the fall when they receive the light cycle of 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night. They used to produce a greater yield, but have a requirement of more time for the production of their buds.

Is this legal to ship in the mail?

Absolutely, this kit is completely legal to ship to all 50 US States, Canada, and most of the other countries. Even North Korea probably has more requirements for these, but they don’t ship it to them.

Does the box of the product shows, “A Pot for Pot” or discreet packaging is available?

The boxes of our company are branded, but we ship our products in
unbranded plain brown boxes or in unbranded discreet privacy wrapping. “A Pot for Pot” is not appeared on the outside of your package. If you have any questions you can email at

What payment methods are accepted by your company?

A Pot for Pot accepts all major US-issued credit cards and PayPal.

How will I get a seed or plant?

Whenever you order, we will send you a discount coupon for a reputable seed retailer that gives services to your area. You can consult your local cannabis dispensary for the availability of the product for buying clones.

Where should I place my pot?

Your plant will grow properly under regular continuous indoor lighting. But for best results, you can place your pot in an area that receives a huge amount of direct sunlight, like a window sill, balcony, or bay window. If you are playing indoors, a supplemental light will give you better results.

What more do I need?

You will receive a discount coupon that directs you that from where you can purchase your seeds. Beyond that, whatever you require is to add water and sunshine.

How long does it take to set up?

You are only required to follow our simple directions and setup may take 30-45 minutes. Once you are familiar with the process and ingredients, setup will take less time on subsequent grows.

What will happen if I am required to go out of town?

Your pot must be fine to leave for a long weekend that depends on your local climate. You can take the help of your friend to water your pot as per our watering instructions for extended trips.

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