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Importance of Cannabis Trichomes

3 years ago
Cannabis Trichomes

Trichomes are basically the frost on your buds and the resin from which all your favorite BHO, Shatter, Hash, and Wax are made. We usually zoom in on the necessity of the trichomes to the cannabis plants, farmers of ganja, and both recreational and medicinal users.

What is meant by Trichomes?


The word trichome has got derived from the Greek word “Trichoma”. The translation of this word is the “growth of hair”. As these are microscopic, you are really required to zoom in on the frosty blanket of resin, that used to coat high-grade cannabis buds. It is for seeing the fields of trichomes, that resemble the masses of stalks with very tiny pieces of mushroom heads.

But you are required to be cautious, a big crowd of trichomes that does not give a guarantee of the weed. The dictionary of the Marriam-Webster gives the definition of trichomes that is a filamentous outgrowth, particularly an epidermal hair structure on a plant.

Botanical comparison of trichomes with hair may in turn lead to confusion with pistils. These are obviously visible to your naked eyes as the hair-like strands which are protruding from the calyxes of flowering female cannabis plants.

Marijuana plants are deserving of a more particular stoner-friendly definition, along with an explanation of their functions and overall cruciality.

We will strive hard to bring you clarity. In our view, it is best to take into consideration trichomes as minuscule biological cannabinoid factories that are found predominantly on the sugar leaves and flowers of weed. It is quite simple that it is the THC-rich trichomes that serve you with high and CBD-rich trichomes which in turn make the best medicine.

The scientists have done the identification of three categories of trichomes that are found on cannabis plants:

  • Capitate sessile trichomes
  • Capitate-stalked trichomes
  • Bulbous trichomes

The capitate-stalked variety is of interest to lovers of weed. The reason is that these are the largest at 50-100┬Ám wide and do the production of oily recreational and medicinal goodies.

What is the purpose of Trichomes?


It is a belief that trichomes facilitate quite a few essentials for the survival functions of marijuana plants. The gooey surface coating of sticky resin facilitates a frontline defense against hungry herbivores, insects, and fungus.

Certain fungi and some flies are not eligible in penetrating the trichome barrier. While terpenes will in turn foul the flavor of the lettuce for four-legged furry critters.

Furthermore, trichomes might also play a crucial role in growing cannabis in very difficult conditions of climate. A layer of resin facilitates the protection of wild weed against damaging winds from the desert sirocco to the Siberian blizzard.

Trichomes even serve as an organic sunblock to cannabis plants. These protect them from the UV rays that are coming from the sun.

Why Trichomes Are Important For The Cannabis Cultivator?

Cannabis Cultivator

Trichomes are a very crucial part of your marijuana plant. Learning about the trichomes may dramatically bring improvement in your skills as a grower. As a result of this, the quality of your harvest will also get improved. Without trichomes, we would not have CBD, THC terpenes, and other marijuana phytochemicals about which we know and love.

Understanding the necessity of fluctuations of trichomes in development and appearance aside from learning their botanical function will assist you in harvesting your flowers at just the correct time.

  • They do the production of terpenes and cannabinoids

All the growers must have an appreciation for the role that is played by trichomes. Recognition that these small and mushroom-shaped glands are completely responsible for the manufacturing of terpenes and cannabinoids will prompt you in taking some extra care when trimming, pruning, and harvesting your plants.

  • They give the indication of when it is time to do harvesting

Trichomes facilitate as a bridge of communication between the plant and the growers. By simply doing the observation of their color all through the flowering stage, you are facilitated to get a rough idea of their chemical composition. Highly skilled cultivators are well aware of the exact time of harvesting of their buds for ensuring the maximum levels of cannabinoid and the optimal effects of it.

  • Clear Trichomes

As the transition your plant into the flowering phase, you will be noticing that the first trichomes are appearing. Immature and young trichomes usually feature a transparent and clear appearance. They do the maintenance of this appearance for the first part of this phase before their chemical composition gets changed significantly for the very first time.

Can harvesting get done with clear trichomes?

No. Clear trichomes are a sign that your plants are still having some maturing remained to be done. You are required to avoid being impatient and have to do the harvesting of your plant while your trichomes used to appear like this. As it gives the indication that they are not potent enough even yet.

  • Cloudy Trichomes

Cloudy trichomes are usually known for featuring an opaque and milky appearance. This development is meant by that they are now giving expression of higher levels of THC alongside terpenes. These are basically giving contributions to a more cerebral high and energetic.

If you give preference to cannabis that in turn serves you with a feeling of creativity, alive, and awakening, then you must start to consider harvesting your flowers soon.

For how much time trichomes stay cloudy?

Trichomes usually remain cloudy for approximately about two weeks. They start to get changes in their appearance once again towards the end of this stage, which gives the indication of more developments in their phytochemical composition.

  • Amber Trichomes

Trichomes used to turn an amber hue towards the end of the flowering stage. They hold slightly less THC and higher levels of CBN during this time. THC gets degraded into CBN over time and with exposure to the elements.

This molecule usually tends to give the contribution to a more stoning high. So, during this stage, you are required to do the harvesting of your flowers if you give preference to a sleepy and physical high.

  • Mixed Trichomes

Between the amber and cloudy stages, you will be noticing a period where your flowers possess both hues simultaneously. It is probably the best time for harvesting your flowers.

As these will facilitate with a high that targets both the mind and the body. The buds will be possessing extremely high levels of THC, but that also with a touch of CBN.

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