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How to grow marijuana by the moon cycle

2 years ago

There might be more of a relationship between your marijuana plants and the moon than you might have first realized. Learn how can you grow cannabis weeds according to the moon cycle and you might also just take your outdoor harvests to new heights!

Phases of Moon & What is meant by that

More gardening is involved in carrying out particular tasks in sync with lunar phases. However, it might seem like pseudoscience to some gardeners who have done the cultivation of plants with the rhythm of the moon for centuries with great success.


Each year, growers of marijuana used to do the management for enhancing the vitality of their plants and they also enhance their yields by doing the cultivation of cannabis weeds by making use of the lunar calendar.

Being far from an inert object that is orbiting the earth, the moon affects the life of plants in a multitude of ways. Certain phases of the moon usually throw lights on plants into the night, which accelerates the foliage growth.

The gravitational power of the moon is also responsible for pulling sap up into the flowers & leaves. When this force gets decreased, the substance that is rich in nutrients heads underground and it also floods the root system.

You can make the most out of your marijuana growth by abiding by the lunar calendar.

You can also check out the lunar calendar for learning about the best times for germination, feeding, transplantation, and prune and you can discover why you should do the harvesting of your weeds during the full moon.

Gardening that is in sync with the moon used to boil down to timing. Before you delve into what tasks to carrying out, and when these should be carried out, you are required to cover the subphases of the moon within the two primary phases.

Waxing Moon

A waxing moon is known for making up one of the two primary phases. Waxing is meant by growing, so this phase of the moon encompasses a period where the moon becomes enhancing illuminated over 14-15 days. The waxing moon features four distinct forms during this time.

  • New Moon

The new moon is known for marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Here, the moon takes the position that is directly between the sun and the earth. The side of the moon appears completely dark that faces the earth.

As the moon starts to get shifted into the next stage, just a very thin slice of the side of the moon used to reflect sunlight to the earth. It gives rise to a razor-shape crescent shape.

  • Crescent

The moon appears as a more developed crescent shape during this stage. The giant ball of the moon moves out of space directly between the sun and the earth. It reflects more sunlight towards the earth as the side that is lighter becomes visible.

  • First Quarter

The moon sits 90 degrees from the earth during the first quarter. From here, one can see half of the moon that is illuminated by the sun which takes on a semi-circular “D” shape.

  • Gibbous

As gibbous is the final stage of the waxing moon, so the gibbous moon does reflection of even more sunlight towards the earth. Although it is not quite full, the illuminated patch of the moon used to take on a lemon-shaped appearance.

Warning Moon

The waning moon is comprised of the second half of the lunar cycle, and it also takes place in more than 14-15 days. During the warning phase, the moon gradually becomes less bright as it is near the completion of the cycle at the point of the new moon.

  • Full Moon

The full moon brightens up the night sky, it used to rain photons onto foliage and it also plays a very crucial role when it is growing marijuana according to the moon. During this time, the earth gets seated roughly between the sun and the moon. As light from the sun rushes past our home, it lights up the complete face of the moon.

  • Disseminating

Disseminating the moon is much more like the gibbous moon of the waxing phase. It takes on a lemon shape as it slowly becomes less bright during the warning phase of the lunar cycle.

Third Quarter

At this time the moon gets returned to a 90-degree position from the earth and it is on the opposite side of the planet. It does the reflection of the light on the sun in such as way that it usually displays a semi-circle.

  • Balsamic

The balsamic moon gets seated in a 45-degree position from the earth. Here you will see that only a little of the surface of this natural satellite will remain visible. It gives rise to a sharp crescent shape.

The Ascending & the Descending Moon

The moon ascends or it gets descends in the sky. It is a trait that remains unaffected by the waxing or waning status. The moon gets moved to a lower and higher position in a cyclic fashion in about 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes.

When you are doing planting with the moon, growers must take this thing into consideration that where the moon sits in the sky, as it also impacts timing that is related to germination, feeding, and gardeners must also undertake another task.

The moon usually spends half of the month in the ascending phase, where it looks higher in the sky. And it spends another half in the descending phase, where it appears lower.

Both these periods impact heavily the planting of the weed growers by the moon. They basically dictate the movement of fluids of the plant during different timings on the timetable of the moon. And it also guides growers in their activities.

Constellation Also Plays a Crucial Role When Growing Cannabis by the Moon

The night sky also features 12 prominent star constellations. Each of these is associated with its own zodiac sign. All the 12 signs are divided into four groups. Each of these groups used to feature its own elements that are found in nature. As the moon used to glide over a constellation, the moon growers have a belief that this element becomes strongest in the garden. And they get indulged in conducting each task accordingly.

  • Fire

During such periods where the moon gets seated over a fire sign constellation, growers must have their focus on the plantation of seeds. These zodiac signs make up the fire groups:


  • Air

Growers used to pay significant attention to the flowers of the plant when the moon gets presided over an air sign. Zodiac signs of this group is inclusive of:


  • Water

Signs of water specify a time when the stems and leaves get swelled and grown. Those signs which make up this group are:


  • Earth

Earth constellations are associated with the soil and roots. These signs are inclusive of:


How The Moon Affects Growing Of Cannabis

When you are growing cannabis by making use of the moon calendar, cultivators can harness the effects of the celestial body for the optimization of the health and productivity of the plant. The waning & waxing periods of the moon facilitate a natural timetable that provides guidance to the growers throughout the season.

The ascending and descending periods of the moon also tell growers that when they can carry out some particular tasks. According to the moon gardeners, when the moon gets sunk lower, it used to force sap (which means the life energy of the plants) into the ground.

In comparison to that, when the moon rises high in the sky, it usually pulls this energy up into the plants where it bathes the leaves, flowers & stems of the plants.

When you will trim your gardening activities with this natural cycle it will assist you in making the most of the lunar phases. For instance, transplantation of the cannabis plants into the ground during a descending moon will assist you in serving them with the best start, as most of the energy that is required by them will occupy the ground at this time.

Gardening that is in sync with the constellation usually adds further finesse to planting by the moon. Watering, germination, and feeding with these cycles work for boosting the elements that are associated with each task, which enhances the outcome of your growth.

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