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Top 4 Exotic Cannabis Weed Strains

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Top 4 Exotic Cannabis Weed Strains

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      So, the question arises what is meant by exotic cannabis weed? Well, these strains of marijuana have something exceptional about them. There are numerous fascinating origins in distant lands, rare flavor profiles, that are seldom found elsewhere. And their legendary parents that in turn make them stand out from the crowd.

      Given below, you can discover some exotic cannabis weed strains that make them extremely special, and what should you expect when you are indulged in growing them.

      AMG: Amnesia * Mexican Haze

      Amnesia Mac Ganja is popularly known by the acronym AMG that stems from exotic and energizing parent strains that are namely Mexican and Amnesia Haze. Amnesia is used to bring noteworthy levels of CBG and terpinolene into the mix. Whereas Mexican Haze delivers the uplifting effects and tall morphology of any good Sativa variety.

      This stunning cultivar does the production of tall colas that are flanked by reddish-green fan leaves. These contain a THC content of 22% indoors. To keep it at a manageable height of 80cm, growers can make use of training techniques, for instance, LST.

      You can have the expectation of a return of 450-500g/m2 after a flowering period that is of 10-11 weeks in this environment. When these are grown outdoors, these will peak at a height of 200cm and will do the production of up to 600g/plant that becomes ready to harvest in October.

      Bubblegum XL- Santa Maria * Power Plant

      Bubblegum XL serves some of the most exotic tastes of any marijuana cultivar out there. The breeders have created a huge variety by crossing parent strains of marijuana Santa Maria and Power Plant that features a perfect split of Indica and Sativa traits.

      Bubblegum XL does the production of dense, dark green colas. It does so by packing a THC content of 19% alongside sweet, citrusy, & earthy terpenes. You can just get prepared to enjoy a physically relaxing and mentally uplifting high.

      The cultivar treats the indoor growers for yielding about 450-500g/m2 after a brief flowering period of 8-9 weeks. If you are having access to a garden, then you can achieve about 450g/plant in a sunny spot.

      Chocolate Haze- Cannalope Haze * O.G. Chocolate Thai

      Chocolate Haze is descending from two extremely exotic parent strains of marijuana. O.G. Chocolate Thai is hailed from a legendary landrace that has its origination in Thailand. Whereas Cannalope Haze used to share a genetic connection with Mexican landraces.

      Both these varieties are well-renowned for their commendable tastes, and in addition to this these traits are amplified in Chocolate Haze.

      The progeny does the production of a terpene profile that is used to generate flavors of chocolate, fruit, and earthiness. You have a requirement to make use of these flowers in the kitchen or you can do the creation of some grade-A hash oil if you are a budding cannabis chief.

      This marijuana strain also pumps out good yields on top of her tastes. You can have the expectation of up to 525g/m2 indoors and between 450-500g/plant outside.

      EI Patron- AMG * Shiva

      Let us know about the offspring of AMG. Thanks to its exotic lineage, EI Patron is fond of basking in the sun. In addition to this, it performs best in warm climates with long growing seasons.

      If you are living in the south of France or in Portugal or Spain, then you can have the expectation from this strain to happily soak up the sun and thrive in the harsh heat.

      In fact, the UV rays only assist in refining her peppery and herbal terpene profile. You can place it in a large container or into the ground directly. This EI Patron will reach a height of 200cm.

      You can expect a canopy for weighing a heavy yield of up to 600g/plant. This marijuana strain is extremely great for you to enjoy after a long day of work. The reason is that it delivers a powerful stone, courtesy of 22% THC.

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