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Lunar Calendar Cannabis and the Moon

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Lunar Calendar Cannabis and the Moon

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      The lunar calendar is an ancient tradition that many cultures continue to observe. The moon and the zodiac line up in a cycle of months, so we can keep track of the seasons. For this reason, we can also predict lunar phases and when they occur each year. In turn, these phases align with different historical periods for various cultures.

      The moon indeed affects tides globally, but that’s not all. The lunar calendar impacts cannabis plants and other animals. Leaving mysticism aside, this piece will discuss how the moon influences cannabis production.

      Although the moon is a luminary that reflects light, unlike the sun during the day, it lacks the power to trigger photosynthesis in plants. By promoting the development of a light receptor protein that encourages sap flow in response to the quantity of light the plant gets, it does, however, control photoperiod. Because of this, we can create a grow calendar that is based on the moon phases.

      How is the growing Cannabis Outdoor with the Lunar Calendar 2023?

      The lunar calendar is strongest during this period as it encourages ideal conditions for plants and cannabinoids to develop. It is a crucially important period, so we must continue to observe it.

      It is suggested that you grow at this moon phase because its active principle regulates plant growth while ensuring your plants get the right amount of light. If you are growing indoors, this phase can be observed by using a digital calendar or watching a display of the lunar phases.

      Different phases are more powerful at different times because they differ in energy and strength.

      Lunar Calendar | Waxing Quarter:

      In this period, the moon waxes and wanes, meaning it gets larger and decreases in size over time until it reaches its brightest phase. At this point, this is the best time to germinate your seeds, operate indoor lighting, and do soil preparations.

      Lunar Calendar | Full Moon Phase:

      The full moon phase, also known as a new moon phase, occurs on average when the moon is closest to us due to our planet’s orbit and rotation around the sun. The root growth is strongest at this time, so this is the best time to continue growing your plants.

      Lunar Calendar | Waning Quarter Phase:

      The waning quarter phase occurs when the moon is smaller and decreases in size as it gets further away from the earth as it orbits through space. The leaves are not as strong in this phase, and the flowering stage is ending. It is recommended that you ensure that you remove the plant before this phase comes to an end because it’s too weak to continue growing.

      Lunar Calendar | Age of the Moon Phase

      This is the final phase of the moon and is the longest of all. It consists of four phases defined by the moon’s age, meaning there will always be a full, crescent, gibbous and new moon. This is when you need to shut down your lights at least 84 hours before this phase begins. This is the best for harvesting your plants, which are going through rest and recovery.

      Annual Pattern of the Moon:

      The moon’s phases will always occur every 30 to 31 days, meaning that 12 full moons occur in a year. If you want to grow an indoor plant, make sure you plant during the second half of your calendar year. This will help you optimize your cannabis growth and develop the highest level of cannabinoids during your harvest.


      Q: What is the best month to start growing?

      A: The best time to plant is during the waxing quarter, which falls between October and November. This way, your plant will experience optimum growth throughout its life cycle and achieve the healthiest harvest at the end of the year.

      Q: How can I use a waxing moon to my advantage?

      A: A waxing moon encourages plants to grow faster while promoting their development. Because of this, it is best to use this period to propagate seeds and start new plants. It is a great time for soil preparation and planting seeds.

      Q: When do you plant in the waning quarter?

      A: During the waning phase, your plant will slow down its growth and become weaker. This phase is best used for harvesting cannabis, meaning it’s best to stop feeding your plant once the quarter starts and wait until the harvest starts.

      Q: When do you harvest your plants?

      A: This can be done at any point in the growing season, but ideally, it should be during the waning quarter. It is suggested to harvest the plant when it is still in the flowering stage so that it will aggregate sap and you will get a high-quality harvest.

      Q: Is it true that the moon affects cannabis flowering?

      A: The moon affects or directly impacts cannabis flowers and plants because of its effect on photoperiod.

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