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CBD Oil: Is It Legal In Australia 2022?

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CBD Oil: Is It Legal In Australia 2022?

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      Over the past decade, legal medical marijuana has enhanced interest as an alternative. It is inclusive of CBD and THC formulations. There are limited studies on medical cannabis. This is the reason that numerous doctors find it difficult to justify prescribing it particularly GPs.

      The Commonwealth Department of Health has assisted in the coordination of the development. This development is about new clinical guidance documents for prescribers of medical marijuana products for the treatment of a number of conditions. It is inclusive of palliative care and chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chemotherapy side effects, as well as overview document.

      Is CBD Oil Has Legality In Australia 2022

      Yes, CBD oil is legal in Australia, but it has high restrictions and regulations. As long as CBD oil contains at least 98% cannabidiol and <2% of other cannabinoids found in marijuana, it is legal. In terms of marijuana regulations, Australia is far behind. However, the government especially the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has strived hard for listening to consumers and for the improvement of the process.

      So, How Do You Actually Get CBD Oil?

      The process of getting CBD oil in Australia in 2021 might be difficult for an individual alone. It might be a tiresome process that is inclusive of numerous steps:

      • Finding a specialist or GP
      • Hope that the doctor is well-educated in medical marijuana
      • Make efforts to convincing them that CBD oil is the actual thing that you require for the treatment of your condition
      • Have the doctor fill out a complicated application of medical marijuana and send it to the TGA
      • Find a pharmacy with your prescription. And you have to also find the TGA approval letter and try to order the oil
      • Convince the pharmacy for ordering the CBD oil for you. Some people are not having the desire of ordering marijuana products

      Thankfully, most of the clinics do most of the tiresome process for you. So, you don’t have any need to have worry about any of the administrative work. It is the case when you are making efforts for getting CBD oil or any other medical marijuana product.

      All you require to do is that you have to serve them with a GP referral or health summary. And they will book your appointment with their doctors who are well-informed and educated about medicinal marijuana.

      They will do the rest for you and all you are required to do is to pick your prescription from their pharmacy after your consultation when it is ready.

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