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Copper Deficiency In Cannabis Plants

3 years ago

A copper deficiency in cannabis appears with leaf symptoms such as dark leaves that take on purple or even blue undertones. The edges and tips of leaves turn white or pale yellow in stark contrast to the rest of the leaves which have turned dark. It’s very crucial to correct a copper deficiency in the marijuana plant in flowering as soon as possible because buds may stop maturing if the plant is not fixed up right away.

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Symptoms of Cannabis Copper Deficiency
  • Leaves turn dark with purple or blue undertones
  • Edges and tips of leaves turn white or yellow
  • Metallic or shiny sheen on leaves
  • Leaves may start to feel stiff and turn under
  • The deficiency may tend to affect leaves directly under the light
  • Buds on the plants do not get ripen or grow very slowly
  • The pale tips of a cannabis plant with the deficiency of copper look a little different from a nutrient burn, which may start out with little yellow tips, but soon it makes the tips of plants appear burnt or brown.

This is what the yellow tips of marijuana plants look like when they have a deficiency of copper. The most telling feature of a copper deficiency in the marijuana plant is that the remaining leaves of the plant get darken and takes on a purple or blue cast that makes the yellow tips look bright in comparison. The leaves sometimes also appear shiny and may also feel stiff.

Solution for Copper Deficiency in Marijuana Plants:
  • Adjust pH to Correct Range
  • Give the Right Nutrients
  • Take Good Care of the Roots
  • Watch for Leaf Recovery
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